Online Tutor-Led Training

As an alternative to onsite and public training courses, there is now the option of live online tutor-led courses. Many people who have tried ordinary online training have found it difficult to learn to use software in this way. Even if the course is well written you are likely to have questions and support is often very poor.

However, with live online training you work with a real tutor who guides you through the modules in just the same was as a public or onsite course. You can see the trainer along with their desktop as they demonstrate the software and can ask questions at any time. The cost can also be considerably less than the price of a public or in-house training program, typically around the £200 mark.  However, there are relatively few providers who deliver this type of training at the moment. Two such Companies are QA and PBA Training.  Both refer to their online training as ‘Virtual Courses‘ and provide online tuition across the full range of Microsoft Office applications. QA also offer Virtual Classes on some Microsoft Technical courses.

Prices vary somewhat with QA charging around £300 per delegate and PBA Training coming in at £225. You can read full details on both providers’ courses below:

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